Thursday, April 15, 2010

really inspired...

Detailed Render:


So, now that I work at an animation studio, I have been doing a lot of work geared not towards realism, like the majority of my work usually is. With that said, I have found a new love for amazing stylized characters, especially all the character designs from any of the Ratchet and Clank series from Insomniac Games. I am hugely inspired by both Dave and Greg from as well as the stylized environments from Darren Quach.

So, I really want to spend the next couples months creating a solid section of my portfolio geared towards stylized characters and environments for my own Platformer Video Game. The idea is that our hero is a hired bounty hunter in a universe full of crime and villainy. He is thrown into the hero role when his side kick (un-named character) is kidnapped, because he is actually the pivotal key to unlocking a weapon that will annihilate the galaxy. He races across space, capturing bounties along the way, in search of his lost companion and order to save the galaxy from destruction. Very similar to Ratchet and Clank. but I just beat Tools of Destruction in like 3 days and I'm taking on A Crack in Time this weekend.

Anyway crits welcome and keep in mind that if I was given the opportunity to create this game for real, I would start cranking this stuff out like yesterday, but the hero character is all I got so far. Later yo!


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