Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Summer is in full swing and I think I am off to a good start. I have been focussing my time on two things so far...learning and presenting. My 2 goals this summer are to (1) dabble in as many new forms of art as I can and learn new styles that I can work with and (2) present my style and work in a refined and organized professional way to as many people as I can.

Fo those who know about my little side job this summer working as a designer for a Murder Mystery party planning company, this is the style in which most of the work has come to be. This is a poster design that is to promote the company, Murder Mystery Maniacs or M3.

These other two are just more portfolio building, again trying something drastically different and learning all I can...

Also I have reformatted my website and made it a little more exciting and user friendly. again

Check you later!


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Dave Chow Illustrations said...

Really digging some of the ad work here!